Time? Spare? <giggle>

Weather - in easy to swallow picture format

Sometimes I plug a CMOS webcam into the Interweb. Then you can watch the wind blow. Or leaves fall. Or something. I did it because I was bored. Take a look here.

Cooking - or How not to poison oneself

I am often to be found in the kitchen. Mainly our own, as wandering into other people's kitchens can be met with the Force of the Cleaver.

(All bow to the Cleaver)

Gardening - how not to be a phytointerfector

Plants. Sometimes they like me. Other times they attack me.

Photography. How to take grainy pictures of multi-coloured blobs

I have been known to equip myself with a camera and take photographs of things. And then delete them. If I ever keep any, I'll stick 'em here.

Techy Stuff - Geekdom outside of work

Just when I thought I couldn't look another server in the eye, I go and dabble at home as well.. Fool!