Fuzzy blobs.

What/Where?Get thereWhen
San Fransisco, CAClick here SF bits & bobsApril 2001
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.Click here Not many photos...April 2001
EdinburghClick here Photos one dayAugust 2004
DublinClick here for info and stuff from DublinJanuary 2006
KenyaClick here For info & thingsJanuary 2007
San FransiscoClick here bits & piecesApril 2007
BarcelonaClick here for info etc.August 2008
ParisClick here for bits and bobsAugust 2010
BostonClick here Norm!Late 2011
Kalmar, SwedenClick here for things from South Sweden.. the coldish bitLate 2011
Mediterranean rompClick here for swimming adviceSpring 2012