Green Things. Musings of a very amateur plantologist

Grass, Man
The Current House has a lawn. I think it's a lawn. I don't know when a patch of grass surrounded by living and dead weeds can't be called a lawn any more. We must be doing something right though, as all the weeds are really keen to grown in it.

We've had the rear garden landscaped. We now have somewhere to stand in the rain during the summertime. We're also in the process of making a space for a BBQ to sit/stand/rust. Then we can look at this BBQ through the window whilst it's getting rained on in the summertime. I'm spotting a theme developing!

Because of the new space we've gained through the landscaping, we've got to plant some, er plants. We've hacked back the Clematis & the roses. Now what? I suppose if the ground ever dries up a bit we'll pop over to a garden centre and get some green things.

Proper plants
There are also plants. We've tried dabbling with Fuscias, Clematis, a few geraniums, something red and spiky, and other plants that we bought years ago and look good in the Summer.

Wheelie Bins
Cambs wouldn't be Cambs without Wheelie bins. We're lucky I guess as we only have two. One smelly, one not so smelly. Unfortunately there's nowhere else for them to go than the back garden. Wouldn't put them outside lest they get kicked over/stolen. At least we can put them a good distance from the back door though.