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Getting Bluetooth to work on Windows XP Home SP2 (A Windows computing article)
(The above was in order to get my Nokia 6600 talking to my Windows box. Still working on that..)

Errors backing up a 6600? Have a read. I've had all sorts of *fun*.


Nokia 6600 Backup through PCSuite.

In an ideal world, you would connect your Nokia 6600 via a bluetooth/IR connection and run the PCSuite program for the 6600 (the 6600 has its very own download on the Nokia website - makes you wonder what's so special/broken?), and just run the damned thing.

OK. In an ideal world you wouldn't be using a 6600. But that's another story.

I had the following two persistent problems:
  1. On starting PCSuite, I'd be told that I was not entering a valid name for the phone.
  2. After starting PCSuite and telling it to run a backup, I'd be presented with the following error: "An unexpected error has occurred while backing up data".

Invalid Phone Name

The first of these I never really "fixed" in the true sense. All I did was keep uninstalling-reboot-installing the application until one day it finally worked. Yay.
An unexpected error has occurred while backing up data
This error was qutie irritating. On starting the PCSuite application, selecting the "backup" task for the phone, the program would closed down apps on the phone, then analyse *something* and then throw the following error in a dialogue:

"An unexpected error has occurred while backing up data - Please run the backup task again"

No matter what I tried to tweak in the software, nothing helped.
I decided to see if I could trim down the backup task by removing the MMC card - the card is the same as came with the phone when I bought it in 2004, and the night before I'd had a memory failure on a computer, so I was in the "memory always fails [censored]" frame of mind.

Took the MMC card out of the 6600, booted it up, connected bluetooth & ran the backup task. Success!

I ran the MMC filesystem through chkdsk and defrag. The card seemed OK. But inserting it and re-trying the backup led to failure. Failure leads to Anger. Anger leads to the dark si-. Ahem.

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