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WhereWhat Stuff. Gerard Krupa presents a selection of stuff. Brother's website. XKCD - Take your brain along for these comics.. News from the IT trenches - a good source of news and gossip from the IT industry The Royal Society of Medicine News and chat related to Technology. Definitely worth a look Java PHP From their "/aboutus" page: is managed by a small local team led by Peter Hewkin. We do not pay salaries, but we use the revenue from sponsorship, jobs, news, events submitted into this site to subsidize the cost of food and drink at our events as well as to pay for internet infrastructure. The World Wide Web Consortium. The home of WWW standards (HTML/CSS/XFORMS/XML etc). Dilbert! UserFriendly. Genius. BugBash. Very sharp. Questionable Content. ThinkBroadband (formerly ADSL Guide) is a very good site for news related to all things ADSL - hardware available, ISPs available, trigger level checker. Saffron Walden now has ADSL! The hompage of Linux. 'Nuff said. Home of the Linux kernel. All versions that have been, and are currently under construction.