I'm H-A-P-P-Y, I'm H-A-P-P-Y... I know I am..

I've found a few things online over the years that have made me smile, chuckle and just laugh until I have fallen off my chair (no, really).

I have also found the following:

How to Drive in Cambridge [shockwave/1,128KB] - A Shockwave presentation on driving. I guess it applies if there are cars and cyclists where you live.

Windows RG edition [shockwave/321KB] - A new version of the Windows(TM) operating system

His Sister's TV [mpeg1/5,125KB] - Do you remember ITV Digital? Do you remember Munkeh? Watch this...

Picture of a Cow eating snails - If you must. Snails. Being eaten by a cow.

"Wear Camouflage" - Remember the Baz Lurman "Wear Sunscreen" thing back in 2000? This parody aired on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio1 morning show soon after. I don't know who it's by but I thank him.

Ey-up - Wasssssup!!! did a lot for Budwieser, but this track did a lot for Yorkshire folk ; 'appen.

Weapon Of Choice - Fat Boy Slim released a track called "Weapon of Choice" a while back, and its video starred Christopher Walken. This is the StickMan version.

Weebl and Bob - Strange. But this is the best one.

Badgerbadgerbadger... Mushroom! To be seen to be believed.

Lions - in Kenya

Mahna Mahna - All together now...

CowFu - Old, but still amusing.

Clay Kitten Shooting - If you like cats, DO NOT go here.

I'm a Mac. I'm a PC. I'm Linux....

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