Professional Stuff

It's really about time I updated my CV.
No, really.

But until I do, have a read here about me.

Here I am in brief.....

What am I?
A Software Engineer with [mumble mumble] years experience of engineering small and large scale systems under proprietry embedded operating systems and more recently GNU/Linux systems. I have some experience of project management && a soupçon of MS development.

Skills include:
C (applications on Linux, and embedded systems)
Web *ML
PHP, Perl, etc.
Some C++ (ANSI, some STL)
Even less VC++
GNU/Linux complete systems (including build tools, programming etc)
Computer Networking (systems design, installation, diagnosis etc)
Embedded programming & the pitfalls^Wnuances.
System Admin for Windows, Linux, networks etc etc

In general terms: I like to play. Nothing better than having a play with a module/system/codebase to tweak and/or fix.

.... Even better if I'm working with others who feel the same way :)

You might note that the list above is a little light on Microsoft technologies. I don't have anything against the technologies, but I can't afford the development environments! I have worked in Visual Studio on VC++ code for the IIS webserver, and I've looked at re-enabling a site that used VB ASP. (And it wasn't as bad as I feared.. :)

The majority of my coding experience has been gained on GNU/Linux systems, web systems (under the Apache server) and for embedded systems.

At the moment?
Working in HE.