Who's this, then?

I live in Cambridge. That was easy. I'm a Software Engineer. Or Developer. Or Programmer. Whatever. I write codez.

I am also a food cremating, plant destroying, film watching, book reading very part time photographer.

The younger years

I was born at an early age in Leicester. Went to Bradford University. Studied Electronic, Telecommunication and Computer Engineering. Got a job & lived in Bradford for a few years. Moved down to Cambridge. Got married. More jobs.

You can read more about my day-job geekdom in the professional section. Or read up on my spare time geekhood.

What else?

Why not have a look at the Spare Time section? - I cook (sort of), pull weeds out of the garden and mow the lawn. I read. Books. I read books. I used to cycle a lot, but down here there aren't many safe areas to ride. So I tend to go in to Cambridge and walk around.

There are other things that I do, but then it'd take too much space here. And your head may hit the keyboard, followed closely by the snoring...

Have a look at the Spare Time bit if you like.