About lovell-online

What can I say?. It's a website.

Well, this place first appeared back in 2003 sometime on a completely different webhost. Then they started getting things very wrong (wrong-diddly-wrong-wrong) so I ended up at another webhost. During Autumn 2010 I thought about moving again, and after the webhost at that time decided to sell my details & data to another company and they didn't inspire me with confidence I moved again in late spring 2011. Spring 2012 & things see OK so far.....

The site started with the domain name lovell-online.net. Then came lovell-online.co.uk. More recently came lovell-online.eu. I've pointed .co.uk at the professional parts of my site, and .eu at the main page. I think.

The site has been written with words, using a little editor known as vi. I don't do WYSIWYG editors (I don't get on with them for *ml). Some people don't get this, so I just let them get on with things. And then watch them spend days trying to fix their layout or CSS. <evil cackle>.

I also use GIMP and sometimes Paint Shop Pro X for graphics & image editing.